5 Best Locations for Leaf Peeping

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One of the many wonders of the fall season is the miraculous display of colorful leaves that, sometimes, leave you breathless. People travel thousands of miles every year to see the splendid colors that Mother Nature has painted.

Leaf peepers should, of course, consider travel insurance for their trip. If you are traveling for a week, or even just a weekend, you could be investing a pretty penny into this trip. If your flight arrangements and hotel stay is non-refundable, look into purchasing a plan regardless of the length of your trip.

But where are the best places to visit and when is the best time? Look no further! We have recapped the top five locations from TripAdvisor’s top 23 list.

Cooperstown, New York.
Peak Peeping Time: Late September to Early October


Manchester, Vermont.
Peak Peeping Time: First and second week in October


Bar Harbor, Maine.
Peak Peeping Time: Second and third week of October


Goose Creek, South Carolina.
Peak Peeping Time: Late October and the first week of November


Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada.
Peak Peeping Time: Mid-September to Mid-October

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